Trump’s wife acted really fake in her speech.  She plagiarized Lady Michelle Obama.  (See the news story.)

There are all kinds of things I could say.  But for now I will leave it at this:

In my experience, people are hungry for realness, for authenticity, for genuine connection, for transparency, for someone that resonates with them, for something that resonates with their experience, and for a chance to believe in something that can hold or stick.

People want real.

Fake may be entertaining.  Plagiarism may be headline news.  And the memes can be hilarious.

But only because the fakeness is in direct opposition to our deepest desire for authentic experience, authentic presence, and authentic relationship.

I have that desire for authenticity.  And I meet people, work with people, and love people that have that same desire.

Real people living real lives facing real issues needing real results.

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