In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I typically organize my thoughts and feelings around a monthly reflection time.

I have a serious of questions that I review.  I take time to document my responses to the questions.  Then I brainstorm ways to improve for the coming month.  Plus, I review multiple months’ responses; this helps me better identify patterns of behavior that I want to change.

I hope you consider including reflection time in your personal and professional development plan.  To aid you, I’ve included some of my questions below.  Or, you can download the pdf here.

For the prior month…

Did I take care of myself?

  • Daily reflection time
  • Daily lunch hour
  • Minimal email checking
  • Maintaining unscheduled availability
  • Monthly reading day

Did I take care of fundraising?

  • Daily focus on donors
  • Daily focus on mission
  • Daily donation processing
  • Daily stewardship follow-up
  • Weekly guest hosting
  • Bi-weekly talking points
  • Monthly external community
  • Monthly internal community
  • Monthly funding goal

Did I take care of employment?

  • Asking questions
  • Prioritizing projects
  • Being available
  • Checking in regularly
  • Giving notice for requests
  • Expressing importance and/or urgency

Did I take care of the organization?

  • Weekly mission time
  • Attendance at non-required activities
  • Random conversation with colleagues

For the next month…

  • Who are my weekly guest hosting?
  • What are my bi-weekly talking points?
  • What is my monthly external community?
  • What is my monthly internal community?
  • What is my monthly goal?
  • What is happening at the organization?

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