The last week has been stuffed full with informational meetings, networking events, interviews for my coursework, conversations with potential consultant jobs, and progress meetings.  What a whirlwind it has been!  In honor of some of these great individuals with whom I have had the privilege of meeting, I will briefly highlight some of their work here.

Amandula Henry is the Corridor Director for the East Washington Street Corridor Streetscape Project, Irvington Development Organization.  Here’s some reasons why you may be interested in Amandula and her work:

  • Indy residents, do you want to see the near-east side of Indianapolis revitalized?
  • Do you like to be familiar with Indy’s professionals who are movers-and-shakers in community development?
  • Could you learn from a woman who knows how to navigate the interesting political context of local government?
  • Parents, do you want an example of how to balance family and work?

Reverend Charles H. McClain, Jr. is the Senior Pastor at New Haven Missionary Baptist Church.  Here’s some ways Pastor McClain’s ministry can provide a fresh perspective to your work:

  • Reassess your motivation for your profession.  Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • Have a sincere concern for the people that you serve and work alongside.  Are you treating others well?
  • Consider new ideas and a fresh perspective.  Are you ready to be doing a new thing?

Janet Arnold is transitioning from her position as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School to the Indiana Convention and Visitors’ Association.  Here’s a thing or two that other professionals could learn from Janet and her career:

  • Give back by mentoring young professionals and connecting them to others in your network.
  • Keep up with the latest best-practice recommendations by attending conferences and reading research.
  • Learn the latest technology, for your personal and professional benefit.

I am so grateful for these three individuals (and for all others) who are involved (whether in a small or big way) in my development both as a professional and as a person.  Working with great people is a constant motvation and inspiration for me to strive for better and better.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts!  What wonderful people do you have the pleasure of working with?  What inspires you to achieve personal and professional success?

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