This afternoon, a colleague and I will be leading a meeting for an informal group of peers. What draws us together? Dreams of post-graduation employment!

For students, like myself, in master’s level programs at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) and the Center on Philanthropy (COP), a career is a serious thing. Very serious. Most of us have substantial professional experience and significant aspirations.

Together, we will brainstorm things to do right now – to position ourselves for May employment. So, ideas may include detailed plans for promotional materials, online activities, professional associations, event attendance, volunteerism, etc.

In subsequent meetings, we will be reviewing each other’s resumes (and facebook pages). Who knows? We may hold mock informational meetings or interviews. We might review current job postings and discuss how to research the organization. We will do whatever is most helpful for the group.

If you are a SPEA or COP student who is graduating soon and is interested in these group meetings, please leave a comment. I will inform you of future opportunities.