Growing up, my mother always insisted that I be polite – whether I was asking for something or not, whether I was speaking with a stranger or a relative, whether I was speaking with an adult or a peer.  With her reminders, polite behavior soon became habit.

Fundraisers, are you minding your manners?

  • A gift should be recognized within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Donors should receive at least three meaningful thank you’s before they are asked for another donation.

Nonprofit professionals, is it institutional “habit” to be polite?

  • Fundraising policies can dictate the required contact with donors.
  • Database systems can automate reminders for donor contact.
  • Assigning fundraisers to the donors can support this process.

I recommend profiling a “donor journey” to determine if your fundraising program is expressing enough please and thank you’s.  Set up a fake donor in your system and experience the contacts with the organization.  Too much or too little contact?  Too organization-focused or donor-focused?  Too generic or too specialized?

Please leave a comment with your experience in profiling a “donor journey.”  What did you learn about your organization’s contact with its constituents?

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