I made a mistake.

And I didn’t double check my calendar.


The client appointment was initially a face-to-face meeting.

But when the client needed to reschedule, we transitioned to a phone call.

I changed my calendar accordingly.


But in my head, the client appointment was still a face-to-face meeting.

So I rushed home to refresh, get changed, and head to my co-working space for the meeting.


And as I waited for my client to arrive, I double checked my calendar.

Only to discover it was a phone call not a face-to-face meeting.


So I sat down and made the phone call.

And it was a great phone call, a fruitful phone call, an energizing phone call.


And I can’t help but think that the phone call went better because I physically showed up for the call.

I wasn’t at home, sitting on the coach, chilling in my sweatpants.

I was downtown in my co-working space, hair fresh, clean outfit, and ready to go.


And that vibe impacted my call.

And it was a great reminder to me that the physical matters, even when I do a lot of my business work from the comfort of my home (and my sweatpants!).

And I wanted to share that reminder with you!


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