I’ve been amazed by the incredible female athletes at the Rio Olympics.

Below, I’ve gathered some of my favorite stories.

Check out this video declaring Female Athletes Deserve Respect, and we (media included) should talk more about their performance (instead of their looks!).

This article featuring the social break-down and importance of Simone Manuel becoming the first black woman to earn a goal in individual swimming.

This news that Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first American athlete to complete while wearing a hijab.

This news that Michelle Carter becoming the first American woman to win a gold in shot put.

This article challenging people to care more about Gabby Douglas’ athleticism than her hair style.

An important note:  For my readers that are wondering how I can encourage us to look at performance over looks, and yet I am quick to identify race and gender for the athletes.  Let me share why:  Often race and gender can be indications of the real societal challenges and barriers that inhibit access, opportunity, and progress.  In my perspective race and gender has very little to do with the appearance of the athlete but the circumstances in which the athlete became the best in the world.