I had an awesome conversation yesterday with a highly competent woman in business.  (I love my life!)

Every once in a while, she (like me!) may slip into perfectionist mentality.  (Don’t we all?!?)


So, here is my very best business advice for highly competent business owners who may get caught up in perfectionism…


Here is my encourage and and my challenge to you:

Start now.  Improve later.  Especially in business.


This mindset will help you and your business in many ways:

  • Protect your time (by only building in detail what people pay for)
  • Prioritizing your time (by focusing on what resonates most to your ideal client)
  • Reinforcing your trust in your own competence and ability to deliver (because you can totally do whatever you think you can do!)
  • Test new ideas/projects in a way that minimizes risk (because your time and money are valuable!)


So what are you waiting for?!?

Start now.  Improve later.  Especially in business.