Is it raining pennies from heaven?  Is change in the atmosphere?  I’m not sure, but maybe the Philanthroper has the answer!

Have you checked out the new Philanthroper website?  It’s like Groupon, but for nonprofits!  An organization is featured daily, and people have an opportunity to support the cause – by donating a dollar.

So, will the hundred pennies add up to major philanthropic support for nonprofits?  Time will tell with this tiny start-up, but I have a few predictions of my own…

  • The Philanthroper will NOT be a starting point for building long-term support for a particular nonprofit.  One dollar does not begin a relationship – when was the last time you maintained a relationship with a waitress after leaving a cheap tip?
  • The Philanthroper MAY be a way to expand public awareness about a particular cause.  Increased coverage, web traffic, and buzz can help get the word out about a nonprofit.  This can be an important benefit for smaller organizations.
  • The Philanthroper MAY push the conversation forward about critically considering onling giving tools.  The Philanthroper only takes one penny per one hundred, so why do other sites take substantially larger cuts?

What do you think?  What will become of the Philanthroper?  Please leave a comment with your prediction!

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