If I’m carrying cash, I usually choose to give money to panhandlers.  But everyone responds differently, and I know people who choose not to.

I often hear a specific reason for not giving to panhandlers:  uncertainty about how the individual will use the money – for worthwhile purposes (like food and shelter) or squandering (on alcohol or entertainment).  People hold certain perspectives about what is a meaningful use of the money that they give, and they want to know where it is going.

This isn’t just true for interactions with panhandlers.  It is also true for experiences with nonprofits.

Ask your donors what they think about general operating expenses or the annual fund – it may seem like a big black hole in the budget.

It is fundraisers’ responsibility to help donors understand where their money is going.  Plus, it is the fundraisers’ role to help donors experience the impact of their giving.

Want more?  What Fundraisers Should Learn From Panhandlers:

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