What image comes to your mind when you think of panhandlers?  Where are they located?  What about their appearance?  What is the tone of voice or facial expression?

Do the panhandlers approach you, or do you approach them?  Are the panhandlers speaking or silent?  Are they asking for money, or are they begging?

I’ve interacted with different panhandlers – each an individual with a unique perspective.  And, as a fundraiser, I understand that these differences may mean something for my response – whether or not I choose to give.

Begging does not beckon me to give.  Instead, I prefer requests from a position of strength. This practice persists into fundraising.  A donor is more likely to support your cause when you communicate with confidence.

So, be cautious in determining your approach, and consider how you will be perceived.  Begging is bad, but confidence is inviting.

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