At busy intersections and near highway off ramps, you often find panhandlers asking for money.  Many cities try to decrease the number of panhandlers – especially in business district, tourist areas, and commercial zones.

In Indianapolis, city officials encourage people to donate to homeless shelters at donation boxes placed at intersections – instead of giving money to people on the streets. A local news story explained that people are still giving to the panhandlers. I’m not surprised by this at all.

What’s more compelling?  A donation box placed at an intersection or the face and hands of a person standing beside us?  Of course, the person – a living, breathing human being – expressing himself through words and body language.

As fundraisers, we must not forget this.  Face-to-face interactions are most compelling – much more so than communication online, the written word, or a voice over the phone.  If you want to make a substantive connection with a prospect or donor, engage the individual face-to-face.  There’s no better way!  The panhandlers have got it right.

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