Whether you are representing an organization, a business, a cause, an interest, or yourself on Twitter…

Initially establishing your brand on Twitter comes down to some standard components:

  • What is your handle?
  • What does your avatar look like?
  • What should your bio say?

After setting up your account, further expressing your brand on Twitter is developed:

  • Interaction by interaction
  • Tweet by tweet
  • Character by character

So, what do you do?

  • Is every tweet about the business?
  • Should you be flexible in sharing your cause?
  • How much personality should you show off?
  • What about humor?

I don’t think there are hard-and-fast rules.  Instead, it depends on your reasons for being on Twitter, how you want to engage with others, and what benefits you are interested in.

So, to further explore this topic, I’ve worked with colleagues to bring together an interesting group of tweeps who represent different social media perspectives, business industries, and twitter accounts.  These great folks will be serving on a panel during the Blog Indiana conference.

I’ve got my own questions for the panelists, but I thought you may have some, too!  So, please leave a comment with the question you want to pose to the panelists!

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  • #BINtbb for the panel, Twitter: Battle of the Brands
  • @Jessica_Journey for my perspective

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