For nonprofit professionals, the holidays offer the timeless gift of time. Time to relax and rejuvenate. Time to pause, think, and refocus for the coming year, its challenges, and its opportunities.

Over the holidays, I have spent time reading nonprofit books – investing time into those critical resources that I have neglected over the last several months.

Reading Nancy Lublin‘s Zilch was a refreshing reminder about what makes our sector great and a strong motivation for how we can become greater. Though directed at for-profit leaders, Zilch is a definite resource for nonprofit decision-makers, too!

My favorite part was the clear description of millennial nonprofit employees. I have never heard a non-millennial more accurately describe the millennial mentality in the workplace.  It is as if Nancy Lublin stepped inside my brain, my heart, and my hands; she understands everything I’ve experienced and felt over the past five years in the nonprofit sector.

“Millennials bring a fresh outlook to problem-solving.  They hear the words, ‘It’s always been done that way’ and see that as a challenge. Tradition isn’t something to respect, it’s an opportunity for improvement.  Trying to change these ambitious kids to meet your corporate culture is as good as walking them to the nearest exit.  But harnessing this ambition is like tapping into a new fuel source.”

Perfect! …except the reference to millennials as kids…  Nonetheless, perfect!

So, thank you, Nancy Lublin, for seeing millennial nonprofit employees for the precious resource that we are.  Your acknowledgment of our valuable contributions is a meaningful gift this holiday season. Certainly NOT nuttin’ for Christmas.

Have you read Zilch?  Please leave a comment with your favorite part of the book!

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