I have not forsaken my first professional love:  nonprofit fundraising.  Nor forgotten my particular passion:  raising funds from individuals for need-based scholarships at quality Christian schools.  I am committed to another year of service at Covenant Christian High School

Side note:  if you have Indiana state tax liability as a household or a business, you should contact me by phone 317.572.5217 or email jessica@jessicajourney.com.  There is a program (that totally seems to good to be true!) that exchanges your donation for a state tax credit (valued at 50% of the initial donation amount).  Craziness.  Call me.

Okay back to business!

Yet and still, I am launching and expanding a business.  So early mornings and late evenings have become my productivity hours.

I work hard for my clients.  And my clients work hard too.  Together, we achieve greater.  And it is totally amazing to be a part of the process.

  • I provide structured support (a road map for reaching goals).
  • I provide accountability and encouragement (a partner in making progress).
  • I provide recommendations and resources (a source for solutions).

My clients are individuals and organizations who are choosing to shift what they are doing.  It is no longer business as usual.  But it is time to do different to get different.

  • A business owner may want coaching to strategically align their speaking services with their business goals.
  • A nonprofit leader may want a fresh focus on their fundraising or a kick in the pants for their board members!
  • An executive may want help to secure a promotion, a raise, or a new job.
  • An emerging professional may want support in a big career move.
  • A ministry leader may want to monetize their mission and expand their influence.
  • A person may want somebody to get them out of the rut they are stuck in.

That is the base of my business:  customized coaching/consulting contracts.

I also love speaking gigs.  I can’t help it.  The microphone is my best friend.  I enjoy the challenge of connecting authentically with a room full of strangers in such a way that audience expectations are exceeded.

That is where I am currently at….three months after officially launching my business.