Normally not particularly impressed by start-up nonprofits, this organization certainly took me by surprise!  Recently established in the fall of 2009, Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company (CFCC) is a nonprofit coffee house located in the Fletcher Place neighborhood.  After a delicious mocha and a conversation with the founder, I was hooked!

So, why is Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company a nonprofit?

  • Each month, a different nonprofit receives the funds in CFCC’s tip jar.
  • CFCC provides free public meeting space to the neighborhood association, merchants alliance, and other local organizations.
  • CFCC’s founder is motivated by serving the local community.

And, what does Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company show us about the nonprofit sector?

  • The nonprofit sector and the corporate sector are increasingly overlapping in their service provision.  Ever heard of Starbucks?
  • The nonprofit sector often attracts individuals who have a particular vision that they want to make reality.  Ever wanted the world to be a different place – a little better?
  • The nonprofit sector contains just a little bit of everything.  Ever heard of Red Nose Institute?  Me neither, but it’s a nonprofit.

Do you want to know more about the breadth of organizations registered with the IRS as nonprofit organizations?  I recommend reading Anything Goes: Approval of Nonprofit Status by the IRS,” an article by Rob Reich of the Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Download the PDF here.

What other start-up nonprofits have caught your eye lately?  Please leave a comment with your new favorite!

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