I’m a staunch believer in the power of people and their passion, leveraging collaboration in communities.

And, I think nonprofits are a great vehicle for leveraging people, passion, collaboration, and community.

So, don’t be fooled by the stereotypes and the myths.  Get the truth…

Nonprofit does NOT mean nonprofessional. Our sector is guided by research and best-practice models.  Both volunteers and employees are recruited, trained, and supported for their tasks.

Nonprofit does NOT mean no profit. Our sector must be mission-driven and financially healthy.  We can make a profit; we just can’t distribute it to shareholders or owners for their individual benefit.  Any income above expense is invested back into the nonprofit mission.

Nonprofit does NOT mean no pay nor low pay. Our sector benefits from the work of non-paid volunteers, but we are fueled by paid staff members.  Low-paying jobs do exist, but moderate- to high-paying opportunities are available, especially in managerial roles and at larger organizations (in geographic reach, budget, and staff size).

Nonprofit does NOT meant not preferred. Our sector offers unique opportunities to impact the community, distinct from what is available in government and business.  Every day, people intentionally choose to get involved with nonprofits.  Our sector doesn’t have to be third, but it can be first choice.

What other myths aren’t true about the nonprofit sector?  Leave a myth-busting comment!

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