This week, I’ve blogged about how awesome the nonprofit sector is!  You don’t need to take my word for it, though.  There are plenty of other people who also love our sector!

I posed a question to my followers on Twitter and on Facebook:  “What is your favorite thing about the nonprofit sector?

Here’s what I found out…

People love making a difference:

  • The good feeling from helping to make the world better – @MLInnovations
  • Knowing that your job is making the world a better place.. even on a Monday – @mattshandera
  • I love making a difference in the lives of those who honestly want positive change  – @asummermoon
  • Promoting the greater good for all – Rob Rueff

People love the people:

@sarahmwight said it best: “Making a difference & working with like-minded passionate people”

What do you love about the nonprofit sector?  Leave a comment with your favorite thing!

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