This morning as I prepare for my first day at Indiana Youth Institute, I am working out and reading a great book about diversity and inclusiveness corporate practices.

It is written by Patricia Harris, McDonald’s own Global Chief Diversity Officer. (Now, how’s that for a job?!?) The title, None of Us Is as Good as All of Us, pays homage to the company’s founder, Ray Kroc.

Kroc’s quoted phrase becomes the philosophical approach for McDonald’s and for Harris’ discussion of corporate history, policies, and practices related to issues of diversity.

By sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly about McDonald’s history, Harris shares the story of how the company came to discover that:

“Maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce is certainly the right and proper thing to do, but we have long maintained that it is also the smart thing to do.”

For anyone wondering how to transform a negative workplace culture, how to make a strong case for diversity, or how to implement culturally-sensitive program…this book is for you!

Though I am only half-way through its eight chapters, I highly recommend reading Harris’ book. You will learn about the three key ingredients for developing diversity success in your organization:

  1. Support from the Top
  2. Training is Key
  3. Networks are Invaluable

What else would you add to Harris’ recipe? Please leave a comment with your recommendation for developing a workplace that embraces and leverages diversity for success.

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