I’ve seen it so many times before…

  • A nonprofit drags its feet and does it because they have to.
  • A nonprofit wants to make payroll so they ask people for money.
  • A nonprofit goes out begging with stories of their dire needs.

Instead, embrace fundraising as an opportunity to advance your organization’s mission.  Fundraising is so much more than a revenue stream.

Fundraising has numerous benefits:

  • New partners – Cultivating relationships brings forth strategic partners and smarter delivery of services.
  • New ideas – Donors are often eager to share their perspective.
  • New opportunities – When you open up your network, you become aware of so many more things happening in your community.
  • New cause awareness – Supporters “get it” and can serve as advocates for your cause and your brand.

What other benefits can effective fundraising bring to your organization?  Please leave a response with your idea!

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