Courtesy of Indianapolis Museum of Art

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an event, Seven Simultaneous Lectures. It turned out to be the BEST free, public event. Actually, I think it is the most interesting event I have ever attended – better than those I paid to attend!

On February 24, I joined the crowd in the Clowes Auditorium at the Central Location of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library.

We were greeted by the moderators, Michael Runge (of Know No Stranger) and Jim Walker (of Big Car Collective and Second Story). These two gentlemen, then, explained that the presenters would be speaking at the same time, and the audience would vote to determine which presenter’s microphone would be the loudest. So, with voting cards in hand, the chaos began.

The first round of presenters featured:

The second round of presenters included:

The third round of presenters were:

Throughout the event, I probably voted for each of these presenters. I wanted to know their perspectives on art and Indianapolis. Though I only heard their content in part, I really enjoyed this experience.

  1. It was a living, breathing experience of the marketplace of ideas – all competing for attention to express their perspectives.
  2. I had the opportunity to participate in a democratic process – resonating with our political context.
  3. The communication was two-way. This is a better reflection of reality, than a one-way lecture.
  4. The experience was art – a collage of expressions.
  5. It reminded me of my online world – choosing what I do and do not pay attention to.

This event reminded me that it is important to attend local arts/cultural events. They represent a critical sub-sector of nonprofits: museums, theatres, and other artistic opportunities. Also, this is where our local creative minds gather. These events, organizations, and individuals “birth” some of our newest and best ideas and plans.

Want to go? Check out this information on the series, Made for Each Other. And, check out other IndyTalks programs.

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