I recently completed a business bootcamp with Rosetta Thurman and a couple hundred other business owners in the Happy Black Woman community.

At the very beginning of our process together, we each drafted ideal life narratives – written in the present, declaring our vision as if current reality.

Today I wanted to share just a snippet with you. I hope that in sharing this I have helped you better understand “My Why” and that I have inspired you to start imagining and writing Your Why.

Part of My Why…

  • Every day, I feel confident, secure, smart, useful, healthy, joyful, generous, significant, focused, and authentic.
  • I am a role model for my daughter and for other women.
  • My husband and I are partners living out a collective life experience that reflects our shared values.
  • I am spiritually resilient. As life’s difficulties happen, I know how to stay focused on God and stay rooted in my God-given identity and calling.