Yesterday I told you somebody else’s story of turning an excuse into a reason. Today I’m going to tell you my story of turning an excuse into a reason.


I use to look at my husband and daughter.


And when I looked at them, I saw my reason for doing what was right.


Go to my job, do my best work (and then some). Get good reviews, get that annual raise. Please my boss and keep getting ahead in my career.


I wanted to take care of them. I wanted to play it safe. I didn’t want to rock the boat at work. And I didn’t want to take risks. After all, I thought it was my responsibility to take care of them by doing what was right.


But I wasn’t doing what was right.


I was doing what was regular.


And I was making a mistake – using my family as an excuse to not take my business as seriously as I could.


So now I look at my husband and my daughter and I experience my reasons to:

  • Take my financial position into my own hands
  • Stop depending on someone else for regular money
  • Stop exchanging my time for money
  • Build a business that leverages my strengths
  • Build a business that gives my family the life they want
  • Build something bigger than myself
  • Show my daughter what is possible
  • And ultimately spend more time with my husband and my daughter


That is how you turn an excuse into a reason.


I encourage you to do the same.


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