What’s so wrong with Trump?

Trump represents racism, sexism, and hatred.

Trumps’ words and actions reflect these divisive ideologies.


What’s so wrong with the election of Trump?

It’s about more than Trump himself.

It’s that lots of Americans voted for Trump (someone who represents hate).

And for those folks who say they voted for Trump because of a commitment to a particular policy or issue, I suggest that those folks are in a position of privilege to ignore the racism, sexism, and hatred. People who are at risk of being victimized by the hatred cannot ignore it. And if you think the hatred isn’t that important, it is probably because you are not personally impacted it.


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What’s so scary about the election of Trump?

Trumps’ words and actions have inspired hate crimes.

His name and his words have been incorporated within hateful speech directed at marginalized people.


And what’s up with protests post-election?

People protested when Obama was elected.

People are protesting now that Trump is elected.


So, what’s different?

Obama election protests were predominantly white.

Trump election protests were predominantly people of color.


And why does protesting matter?

Protests represent a constitutional right for people to gather and express their opinion.

If you are fine with groups of white people taking the streets in post-game rallies, you should be fine with people of color taking the streets in post-election protests.


Isn’t America supposed to be a place of freedom?

Freedom to have ideas?

Freedom of expression?

Freedom to gather?

Freedom of protest?


These protests are NOT about being a “sore loser.”

If you assume that the protests are about being a “sore loser,” you are missing the point entirely.

People are sad, disappointed, angry, frustrated, scared, and desperate.

Because for so many of us, this vote was about so much more than one person.

This election felt like a decision about who America is.

And the USA doubled down on hate.


So what have I done so far?

On social media, I have shared new posts from people that I respect.

In my blogging, I have continued to share inspiration to my fellow nasty women.

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In personal relationships, I have continued to engage in conversations.

In my professional responsibilities, I have tried my best to serve my clients who are also devastated by the election news.


And it makes a difference.

One friend, after my encouragement, chose to write a personal, compelling post and share it publicly.

One client, after a coaching call, decided to share from her heart in a bonus email to her own tribe.

One contact, after a phone conversation, mentioned an interest in running for public office and I’m connecting them to the right resource.

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So here are some questions that I’m still reflecting on…

What do I need to do between now and the January 20th inauguration to thrive as much as possible under an Obama presidency?

What do I need to do during the Trump presidency to stay informed, to protect myself and my family, and to advocate for what I believe is right?

How do I now do more than I ever have before: as an ally, as a business owner, as a Christian, as a wife, and as a mother?

How can I up my self-care plan to take care of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self in the face of such hatred, adversity, and brokenness?

How can I inspire more people to start their own businesses, use their voice, advocate for what they believe is right, donate to causes that matter, run for office, go into journalism, learn in the social sciences, and have hard conversations?

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