You’ve heard of a “To Do” list, I’m sure.  But maybe you haven’t heard of a “Don’t Do” list.

Don’t worry – I’m not abandoning my “To Do” List.  I have always been a fan.  I love writing things down.  I love crossing things off.  I love rewriting a “To Do” list to reflect new priorities/deadlines/tasks.  I’m a “To Do” list junky!

But here is what I’ve realized in my “To Do” list obsessive state…

I also need a “Don’t Do” list!  (And since I love making lists, this will not be a problem for me!)

What belongs on the “Don’t Do” list?

  • Things that you know are a waste of time.  My number one culprit?  Mindless Facebook scrolling….aaaaaah!  It sucks me in – every time!
  • Things that you know you can delegate.  My typical tasks?  Routines or processes that I regularly do over-and-over again in google drive or my project management tool TeamWork.
  • Things that you know aren’t good for you.  My kryptonite?  Packages of peppermint patties.  (I will literally make myself sick eating so many!  Yuck.)
  • Things that you can replace with a better option.  My bottom of the barrel?  Cussing.  And I need to focus on replacing that negative habit with life-giving words.
  • Things that are no longer a smart use of your time or energy.  My recent experience?  Certain client relationships.  If the client isn’t investing the time, money, and hard work to accomplish goals, I’ve got to move on.  Because I have other clients (who are investing the time, money, and hard work) ready to work with me!
  • Things that don’t align with your ideal life.  My silliness in this season?  Some things are only meant to last for a season (some relationships, contracts, habits, and mindsets), but I’ve held on for more than a season.  If it doesn’t align with the ideal life, time to kick it out!

Alright, now it is your turn.  What are you putting on your “Don’t Do” list?