My to-do list sometimes feels like a competition between the different areas of my life (church, home, work, school, etc.) and their accompanying tasks.  The conflict isn’t just about time constraints.  It’s the confusion about what to say yes to and what to say no to.  It’s the difficulty in dealing with the consequences of those decisions.  It’s about wondering if I am doing the right things during this one earthly life that I have been given.

In working through these concerns, I found a helpful tool that I am glad to share with you.  In a recent blog post, Rosetta Thurman suggests “10 ways to accelerate your nonprofit career in 2010.”   The first recommendation has been particularly helpful for me.  Check out this information on developing a personal mission statement.  I followed the suggested framework and have included it below – hoping that it will encourage you to try it for yourself!  Now, when there is a new opportunity presented to me, I can compare the opportunity against my values, goals, and mission statement.  The decision is quickly and easily made.

Step 1: Identify Your Values

  • Proper prioritization of spiritual life, husband and home, professional engagement, and volunteer commitments – Reflected in how I spend my time
  • Apply skills, knowledge, and experience to implement positive change – Evidenced in personal achievements
  • Coordination of task completion with others to leverage respective strengths and weaknesses – Creating impact that is greater than the sum of the parts
  • Integration of self images, concepts, and values across the various spheres of my life – Developing a whole, nonfragmented self

Step 2: Identify Your Goals

  • Be a boss for whom people love to work and a team member with whom people love to work
  • Consistently engage in social entrepreneurship practices
  • Develop a strong network in the Indianapolis community
  • Grow in my professional understanding

Step 3: Write Your Mission Statement

I, Jessica Journey, invest time and energy into my process of professional development – aimed at becoming an effective, collaborative leader achieving positive community impact.

Of course, these thoughts are still a work in progress.  Please leave a comment with your personal mission statement, values, or goals (even if still a work in progress…)

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