It’s the middle of June, and I just realized that I did not complete my May reflections.  Yikes!

I’m typically pretty good at taking time at the end of each month to document my progress, my challenges, and my joys.  But these last few weeks have been busy.

I’m grateful for the chance now to review the month of May.  A lot happened!

  • My husband and I successfully started and completed Whole30.  (This program is similar to Paleo and is gaining popularity.  Post a comment if you want to hear more about our Whole30 experiences.)
  • We also transitioned our household finances to YNAB.  (I’m finally done with my monthly spreadsheets, and we are making better progress toward decreasing expenses and paying off debt.  Please comment if you want to hear more about our journey toward fiscal health.)
  • I purged our house and inventoried more than 700 items for a huge garage sale.  (I was meticulously organized.  Leave a comment if you want my template files and plans.)
  • A dear friend and spiritual mentor died.  (Write a comment if you are interested in learning more about spiritual directors and other faith experiences.)
  • I returned to my alma mater to speak about my social justice work during my time as a student.  (Please comment if you want advice on advocacy in daily living.)
  • I made big steps toward huge goals for my career, progress toward:  CFRE credentialing, a job change, relaunching this site.  (Comment if you are also in a place of professional transition and what specific aspects would be helpful to discuss together.)

So tell me, which of these areas of personal and professional experiences and growth would YOU like to know more about?  I want my blog posts to be helpful to you – the reader.  So please comment with your preferences.

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