That is what my older brother used to call me.  “Mess-y Jess-y!”  Half love, half tease.  Half truth, half lie.

I absolutely love having my house, my office, and my car super clean and super organized.  But like most neat freaks, I have one area of mess.  Sometimes it is my sock drawer.  Sometimes it is a certain kitchen drawer.  I think you know what I’m talking about.

Well, one day I looked up, and we had lived in our home for seven years.  And we didn’t have one area of mess; we had multiple messes!  Not once had we done a major clean-up or decluttering project.

With what I thought was a pending move to Chicago, I decided it was time to get the mess out of our house!

So I cranked up my favorite music and got to working.  I ultimately cleaned out a majority of the house, sorted enough stuff to put on a big garage sale, and made $1,000.

I’ll be sharing soon about how to make money off of your stuff.

But first things first, declutter your home and get together with your new best friend:  the sell pile.  Download your free pdf guidebook to get started; click now to access