“Look at God”

Sitting at Panera’s, trying to mind my own business, getting client work done…

Two young women are sitting and talking. I keep on trying to turn off my ears – trying NOT to listen. But they are talking kinda loud. And my HEART won’t stop listening.

One of the young women was struggling with a particular sin. She had recently felt convicted. And she was trying to figure out practically how to stop doing the wrong again.

This exact same sin. The exact same situation. For me! About nine years ago. Literally she is telling my story.

So when her friend left the table, I said excuse me, “May I be rude? I’ve been trying to keep to myself, but I had to come over and tell you. Your story is my story. 9 years ago, I …. And I know how hard it is … And I just want to encourage you and say that you can figure this out. Because I did. And you can too.”

This young woman was so grateful. She was like “you get it.” She asked me some questions. Explained some of her feelings. And I shared some of mine. I gave her some practical ways of how to guard herself against sinning again. She figured out how to guard herself.

I went back to my table in the corner at Panera’s – knowing that God had set up that situation to get all the glory.

I don’t tell on myself often. And I certainly don’t like to confess my sins, especially to strangers. But God knew what God was doing. And I am grateful that I could help this young woman.