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I recently read a book that I wanted to recommend to you:  You Squared by Price Pritchett, PhD.

Below, I am providing direct quotes from the book…

“Remember, quantum leaps can come without apparent effort. These are high-velocity moves that carry you to dramatically high performance levels without a time-consuming struggle.”

“After the fact, quantum leaps may be viewed as practical, sensible, even obvious moves, but they typically do not come to you as the obvious moves at the moment. They tend to be simple, energy efficient, and time-saving.

“The quantum leap strategy can deliver those special dreams and ambitions that you instinctively feel should be yours. But the breakthrough demands a radical departure from some of your habits”

“But if you want to accelerate your rate of achievement rapidly, you must search out and vigorously employ new behaviors. New attitudes. You must be willing to break out of your routines in order to make the quantum leap.”

“Quantum leaps cannot be achieved through incremental gains or through ‘more of the same.'”

“You want to make a quantum leap, quit thinking about trying harder.”

“Quantum leaps come when you seek the elegant solution. Look for an approach characterized by simplicity, precision, efficiency, neatness.”

“Making a quantum leap means moving outside your mental boundaries.”

“Quantum leap produces a dramatic and multiple gain, an exponential increase.”

“You squared is achieved through an intuitive discovery process based on a sense of direction and pursuit. If you have the answers and structure up front, it’s not a quantum leap.”

“Quantum leaps come easy when you plug into this remarkable power source.”

“The risks hit you as rather apparent, and may be quite threatening, but you must compare them up against the hidden risks you accept when you decide to live with the status quo.”

“You try to minimize your vulnerability by avoiding a new set of risks, you kill your chances for a quantum leap.”

“Quantum leaps demand a willingness to make mistakes.”

“Quantum leap is an act of faith, exhilarating and possibly scary at the same time.”

“Don’t ‘prepare’ for a quantum leap.”

“A quantum leap is a move that is yours for the taking.”

“Make the quantum leap!”

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