Business Growth truly is a mindset. 

  • It is a way of making strategic decisions.
  • It is a way of taking action based on the future instead of the present.
  • It is a way of focusing your attention on the ultimate result.


And in shifting my mindset, part of what I have realized is that:

In order to grow my business, I must make room to receive the business expansion.


This mindset can manifest in very simple but important ways:

  • My Filing Cabinet:  I transitioned former client files to an archive section.  I organized current client files.  And I created space for new client files.  Plus, I put in blank folders in anticipation of the new client files!
  • My Financial Management:  I can take client payments by PayPal or Square; one payment or multiple; online or offline.  Whether or not I have needed all these options for past clients doesn’t matter.  What matters is that a new client may request one of these ways to pay, and I will be ready when that happens.
  • My Project Management:  I delegate routine tasks to a Virtual Assistant who I trust to do a good job and who I pay to do a great job!  This gives me more time to focus on my greatest value for my business and for my clients.  I didn’t wait until I was completely overwhelmed.  I did it now, in preparation for new clients.
  • My Physical Space:  I had previously met clients at their offices, coffee shops, random co-working desks, or even borrowing my husband’s private rented office!  I just joined an intentional collaborative co-working space for women entrepreneurs (Studio B).  I didn’t wait until I was completely overbooked.  I made the decision in anticipation of new appointments.


How can you make room to receive the next phase of your life?

  • As a business owner, do you have capacity to serve three new clients, if they called you today?
  • As a professional, have you given yourself enough time and space to grow and develop?
  • As a person, how are you allowing yourself room to breathe?