I have just become so excited about getting connected with people around a common interest.  And when I look around at my people, my groups, and my communities…I find that I’m so blessed to be in relationship with so many great people.

Here are some examples:

  • Women and Wealth Book Club – An intimate group of young women that discusses personal financial management and investing while reading Barbara Stanny books.  This is where I go to talk about money and feelings about money.
  • Fun and Fundraising Professional Development Group – A professional group of fundraisers that supports each other by sharing wins, questions, and resources.  This is where I go to talk about my fundraising career:  current success and challenges.
  • The Gathering – An intentional group of clergy spouses who share insights, prayers, and love with each other.  This is where I go to talk about my experiences as a wife of an active ministry leader.
  • New Haven Missionary Baptist Church – My home church where I am grateful to be present and to participate.  This is where I go to talk my spiritual journey and Jesus.
  • Fitness in Motion Indy – My gym where I go for Zumba and other exercise experiences.  This is where I go to work out and talk about health goals and action plans.
  • Happy Black Woman and the Launch Your Business Bootcamp Members – An incredible group of women pushing themselves to greater levels of success in their personal, professional, and business ventures.  This is where I go to brag about my booming business, seek high-quality programs for investing in my own growth, and build relationships with international women business owners.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron Business Owners – A peer group of business owners benefiting from intentional relationship building and opportunities to improve business practices by giving and receiving feedback in a safe space.  *Contact me immediately if you want to join.  Our next meeting is this Saturday, and we do have a few remaining openings!  Only requirement is to be a current business owner.*

These groups are an important part of living out my desires in this world.  I love being in relationship with people who share similar values, experiences, and goals.  The relationships are a source of inspiration, joy, meaning, and accountability.

If you don’t have the support you need to be successful in an important area of your life, I encourage you and I challenge you to find a pre-existing group OR create your own.  I have found success both ways.  And I have been so grateful for the learning and the relationships that have resulted.