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I strongly recommend that nonprofit organizations consider engaging in social media.  One of the main reasons I offer this suggestion is because I believe that social media has leveled the playing field for nonprofit organizations.

Many nonprofit organizations have not invested financially in traditional marketing vehicles, like television commercials, radio advertisements, and billboards.  There have been perceived limitations on the financial requirements and the expertise needed.

Social media’s zero cost is attractive. There are no direct expenses related to most social media tools.

I recognize that social media engagement requires a human resource investment.  Social media requires staff to allocate adequate time.  A nonprofit organization will have to figure out how the tasks will be managed.

As for the expertise needed, there is an incredible amount of quality resources available online. Here, I’ve included my top four favorites:

Social media addresses both the financial requirements and the expertise needed.  So, why isn’t your nonprofit organization engaging in social media?!?

Please leave a comment with the reasons you hear why organizations are wary of social media!

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