It is incredible to me how much we can get in our own way.  We are our own barrier to our success.

I have been the perpetrator and the victim of this crime – the crime of hindering my own progress!

So I want to put my business out there, share my mistakes, and tell you about my experience…in the hopes of modeling for you what it means to leap.

For years, I felt called to own my own business, do my own things, and be my own boss.

But I didn’t do anything about it.  I had feelings but no actions.  And maybe that is where you find yourself!

You have a desire to do something new – for your own self, for your family, for your career, or for your business.

But you have stopped there – at desire.  Feelings but no actions.

  • Figuring out the next best step can be difficult.
  • Wondering about the “what ifs” can get you stuck in your own head.
  • Investing time in doing something new seems daunting.

So what’s next for you?

Nothing?  Same old same?  Standing still and staying disappointed?


Can you imagine – just for a moment – what that success may look like?

I encourage and challenge you to take that leap.

The leap may be scary.  The leap may be confusing.  The leap may be overwhelming.

But NOT taking the leap is even scarier – imagine your life with no progress, enjoyment, or dreaming.

Leap with me.  Email me jessica@jessicajourney.com and tell me what leap you want to take!