If you are anything like me, you work hard.  You work really hard.  You try each day to make things better.

Improvement take time.  Progress requires persistence.  Impact is made little-by-little.  Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated.  It is hard to focus on the long-term goals.

So, what are we to do – to overcome these challenges to creating positive change?

I don’t have a big answer for you, but I do have a suggestion that may be part of the solution.  Perhaps something I do could be helpful to you!

Good Job

In my email folder system, I have a folder entitled, Kudos.  Anytime someone sends me an email message that is particularly thoughtful and kind, I save it in Kudos.  These messages help me stay positive and focused on creating a great impact!

So, when I am craving a pat-on-the-back or a “you-can-do-it,” I just steal a quick glance in my Kudos.  All of those nice compliments and notes of encouragement are sitting there waiting for me!

What do you do to stay motivated?  Please share a comment with your favorite form of self-motivation!

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