Dear school administrators and youth program managers,  

Please stop requiring your students and their families to participate in band boosters, candy sales, and other product purchases – under the guise of “fundraising.”

You are making fundraising all about consumerism – not about philanthropy. So, kids grow up thinking that fundraising is about sales and begging their parents’ friends to help.

Kids become adults – still thinking that fundraising is no fun. They don’t know about the joy of giving or about the passion fueling positive community impact.

So, please, I’m begging you. Stop telling your students and their parents that they must participate in a fundraiser.  You are not empowering them to be advocates for philanthropy; you are forcing them onto a sales team.

If your school really needs more money, set up a foundation and equip a fundraiser to cultivate philanthropic support.  Hear me out..

Your neighbors would rather provide an annual charitable contribution of $100 than be asked to buy $12 trash bags in the fall, $16 gift wrapping in the winter, $10 popcorn tins in the spring, $8 candy bars in the summer, and discount books all year long.

Help me out, blog readers!  Why else should schools and other youth programs stop band boosters, candy sales, and other product purchases?

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