I typically maintain a busy schedule, but the last several weeks, my calendar has been particularly chaotic.  With classes, work, and consulting projects, I have struggled to keep up with it all!  Here, I’ve shared some important steps I’ve taken to manage my life.  Hopefully they will help you coordinate your competing responsibilities.

Keep up with your IDEAS:  New thoughts can get lost in the mess of daily life.  Make it easy to remember all of your brilliant ideas by carrying around notebooks.  I have a notebook for every major part of my life, including this blog and my church ministry work.

Keep up with your CALENDAR:  Being busy is no excuse for missing commitments.  Find a scheduling program you like, and use it.  I happen to love Google calendar.  I can maintain multiple calendars and easily share with others.

Keep up with your INTERESTS:  Be sure to pay attention to what you enjoy.  Spend time doing things you like.  I recommend audio books to listen while you are driving.  This has helped me dabble into areas of interest that I would otherwise not be able to.  Also, listening audio books is much safer (and more relaxing) than being on the phone.

Keep up with your CONTACTS:  Your personal and professional network can be a real source of motivation and inspiration.  Use what works well for you:  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Emails, or Rolodex!  My phone integrates many of these different systems, and I love using Gmail’s contact function to capture important notes.

Keep up with YOU:  Know your limitations and work within them.  For example I know that I need eight hours of sleep every night.  I also make time to relax with my husband.  And, on Sundays, I usually don’t do any work.  Make time for rest and rejuvenation.

Keep up with HEALTH:  A crazy schedule is no excuse for poor habits.  Take thirty minutes to exercise, and you’ll have more energy and be less stressed.  When you are on a time crunch, don’t grab fast food.  Plan ahead with snacks, sandwiches, and leftovers.

What do you do during your busy schedule?  Please leave a comment with your thoughts on what to keep up with!

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