I’m excited to present at today’s blogging panel, Starting and Maintaining Your Blog, for the Indy Nonprofit Marketing & PR Group.

In this blog post, I want to provide detailed follow-up to our conversations on nonprofit blogging.

When I began to blog, I started with a simple Statement of Purpose.  Boy, was I clueless!  I had no idea that blogging was about to transform my career.

Soon, I discovered the real benefits of blogging – I was hooked! Through blogging, I was expressing my perspectives and growing as a professional.  And, I began to contexualize my blogging within personal branding and my personal mission statement.

My blog proved to be buzz worthy, receiving numerous shout-outs …and later featured in a nonprofit career book.

With my accomplishments, I decided it was time for my blog to grow up, so I transitioned to self-hosting.  Plus, I became more strategic by: promoting my blog, live blogging, learning from others, and guest blogging.

Nearly two years later, I can tell you that my blog is still evolving as I continue to learn and that I never struggle to get inspired for a new post.

My successes are due to some incredible resources that I recommend:

I guess there is only one question left to ask – why aren’t you blogging yet? You are more ready than you thinkI dare you just to try!

Please leave a comment with any additional questions that you have about nonprofit blogging or blogging for your personal branding efforts.

I’m so glad that we connected at today’s event.  Let’s keep the conversation going: