Of course, I’m on facebook.  It was really a matter of timing; facebook exploded just as I was entering undergraduate.  I use it for purely social purposes, but I also make sure it will not have negative consequences on my professional career.  I am friends with current and former classmates, current and former colleagues, current and former church members, etc.  I update my status too much and post silly pictures of my dog.  What’s not to like?

As for LinkedIn, I’ll admit that I was behind the curve.  I recently joined.  Now, I am loving it.  I am reconnecting with professional contacts and gaining great information from group membership.  I plan to increase my use of LinkedIn – for professional development purposes.  Can it get any better?

Twitter?” you ask.  Well, give me time….please.  I’ve done some meandering and am truly interested in tweeting.  I just might wait until I get a smartphone.  Let’s face it – some of the best things happen when I am not sitting in front of my computer screen!

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all huge!  What about the small?  Is there a place for smaller social networking sites? Thanks to my colleague, Alyssa Starr, now I know of such a place:


If you are a Hoosier interested in building community, culture, and commerce, please consider joining this free online community.  Just this morning, I joined.  I have discovered some advantages to Smaller Indiana:

  • I can access and submit an event to a local, up-to-date calendar
  • Discussions often feature a national issue with a local perspective
  • Or, discussions feature a local issue
  • I can see what everyone’s saying – without friends, followers, or connections
  • The mood is very positive
  • It’s a balanced mix of personal and professional
  • There are many options for customizing my page
  • Administrators try to prevent spamming

smallerindianaPlease leave a comment about Smaller Indiana.  Are you a member?  What do you like about it?  Why do you use it?

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