I intentionally decide to invest in myself and my business.  What does that investment look like?

  • Scheduling a new appointment with a chiropractor (costing time and money!)
  • Purchasing a business improvement program (costing time and money!)
  • Focusing myself on the highest priority ideas and projects (costing time!)
  • Resting and sleeping (costing time!)


How do I convince myself to invest in myself and my business?

  • I experience the first-hand benefits of the investment decision.
  • I see how the investment also positively impacts my clients.
  • I know that I have to take care of myself in order to take care of others.
  • I believe that an investment in myself is a better than an investment anywhere else because I believe in my ability to leverage that investment for the greatest possible impact and influence.


Why do I share these investment decisions with you?

  • You may be considering an opportunity to invest in you.
  • You may not have a model of what this looks like.
  • You may be struggling to make this decision in the face of a culture that doesn’t take self-investment seriously.
  • You may be trying to convince yourself that you should go for it.


Why now?

  • As my business grows, I experience the need to grow my own self.  And my business is booming right now!
  • When I make one decision to invest, I gain momentum and make another decision to invest in myself.  And I just made two investment decisions for my business!
  • As I deal with a recent family emergency, I see the need to focus my efforts as strategically as possible.  And I want to use my time and money as wisely as I can!
  • Life is absolutely crazy – the political campaigns, the racist rhetoric, the terror around the world.  And I’ve got to get my life together!


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