During my time at the Center on Philanthropy, I had the pleasure of working with an undergraduate assistant, Brandon Muncy.  Our work together revolved around issues of diversity and philanthropy.

Though Brandon and I both are now employed in different positions elsewhere, we have remained in contact.  Several weeks ago, Brandon surprised me with a wonderful invitation.  He asked me to serve as an external advisor for his culminating research project.  Just last week, we had our first meeting.

As an anthropology major and philanthropy minor, Brandon is passionate about culturally sensitive practices in philanthropy.  So, his project will ultimately become an historical narrative on the interactions between Native American philanthropy and Western mainstream philanthropy.  It is very exciting to serve in an advisory role for such a great project!

To my fellow nonprofit professionals with a passion for diversity and inclusive practices, how do we encourage others to pursue these critical issues?  How do we cultivate more Brandon Muncy’s??? Please leave a comment with your suggestion.