I learned so much from Jenny Lisak’s session, The Art of the Infographic.

Infographics can be described as visual communication, typically sharing objective data in a graphic format online.  There are so many benefits to using infographics: lead generation, SEO, marketing, and informational value.

So, be sure to address these components:
1. Aesthetically Pleasing – Use a creative designer.
2. Informational – Choose a broad topic with detailed statistics.
3. Unique – Don’t be a duplicate.
4. Resources – Identify the source of info and the designer.
5. Embed Code – Empower people to share.
6. Social Share – Remind people to share.
7. Tracking – Incorporate ways to measure success.
8. Links – Drive traffic.
9. Landing Page – Choose a specific page.
10. Length – Keep it to the point.
11. Concept – Focus on popular topics and how-to guides.
12. Branding – Do not push corporate colors or logos.

Get more details and great examples from Jenn’s blog post.

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