What is important to you? What do you want to see happen in the world? What do you wish exists but doesn’t? What do you think should be true for every person?

Most likely you are passionate about something. You have a certain gut feeling about what is right. You have a desire to see certain things come to pass. You have a particular vision of ideal life circumstances.

Guess what?

You have amazing things going for you: you have a voice, you have preferences, you make decisions, you negotiate, and you have achievements that you are racking up.

All of these amazing things can help you make your vision a reality. You can influence what is happening around you.

Influencing may look like a conversation with a stranger in responsible to a social interaction.

Influencing may look like asking reflective questions when someone makes a statement that seems false, narrow, biased, or misleading.

Influencing may look like donating money or time to a cause you believe in.

Influencing may look like advocating for someone who you think has been forgotten or trampled over.

Influencing may look like being a role model to peers, leaders, and young people.

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