What organization’s convention is responsible for bringing the greatest economic impact to the city of Indianapolis – $40 million?

And, during their convention, what organization encourages thousands of their 50,000+ attendees to spend a full or partial day volunteering at local nonprofit organizations?


Wow – what an accomplishment.  Not only does the FFA bring thousands of people and millions of dollars to Indy, FFA brings thousands of hours of volunteerism.  Some of the local nonprofit organizations that benefit include:  Damar Services, Habitat for Humanity, Gleaner’s Food Bank, and Jameson Camp.

This is a wonderful example of one nonprofit organization looking beyond itself and seeking to positively impact the nonprofit sector, as a whole.  Take note, nonprofit professionals: though you may be focused on the success of a specific nonprofit organization, seek ways to make the sector better. Perhaps you could volunteer as a board member or as a client service volunteer for a different organiation.  Or, maybe you address myths about the sector in conversations with the general public.

Please leave a comment about your suggestion – How can a nonprofit professional positively impact the nonprofit sector – beyond his/her specific organization?

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