I really am at a loss of what to say, what to share, how to respond, how to lead, or how to move forward.

You see, another black person has been killed by police.  See news story.  His name is Keith.

So I’ve decided to simply stand in solidarity, to stop what I’m doing and pause for a moment of respect, and to give myself time to process before I respond fully.

I think of it like this:


You are driving (on your way to an appointment).  And you’ve given yourself just enough time to arrive on time.

And then you hear sirens.  And you see a line of vehicles.  And you realize it is a funeral.

So you pull over, stop your car.  A sign of respect.

Some folks even get out of their car, take off their hats, and stand beside their cars on the side of the road.

And in the midst of your day’s schedule, you cannot ignore the fact that the world keeps happening.  Another killing.  Death is near.  And someone, just like you, lost someone really important to them.

And after acknowledging that truth, it is hard to just keep going along with your day like nothing has happened.  Because something has happened.  Something big and sad and important.

So I invite you, to join me in taking a moment to first acknowledge that something has happened.  Something that matters.  Something that deserves our attention and ultimately our action.