If you want to “Be Your Own Boss,” you are getting it all wrong…

I have had two bosses in my life who have been incredible, exceeding my expectations, modeling spirituality/leadership/integrity, pulling more out of me than I ever thought possible, and just being awesome people to work for and to know!

And I have shared with both of them that they are in “best” status. Seriously. Some of the best bosses ever.

And, as a millennial who moved around a lot for career advancement, I have had a lot of bosses. And as a young person who spent many years in the service industry at different restaurants, I have had a lot of bosses.

But two stand above the rest. Best ever. Seriously.

So I didn’t get into business to find a better boss. I was already convinced that I couldn’t. I was already convinced that Dana is #1 and Andy is #2, and no one (including myself!) could do any better.


So here I am in business for myself, serving as my own boss, and now wondering if I have what it takes to be my best boss ever.

  • Do I exceed my own expectations?
  • Do I model spirituality/leadership/integrity?
  • Do I pull more out of myself that I thought possible?
  • Am I awesome?


These may seem like ridiculous questions if you don’t work for yourself. But if you do work for yourself, you know this reality.

You dictate your own:

  • Priorities
  • Hours Working
  • Work Environment
  • Personal/Professional Growth/Development
  • Clients/Projects to Take On


So you can be your own best boss ever. Or you can be your own worst enemy.

The decision is yours!

And I encourage you and challenge you to work toward being your own best boss ever.