“…this is the one I would choose!  I’d want an old straw hat, a pair of overalls, and a worn out pair of shoes.”

Not me!
But I do love that little ditty that Shirley Temple used to sing.
My wish?

My birthday wish on my birthday?
According to my toddler daughter, my wish is for cake and for candles!
Ha :)

According to ME, my wish is for freedom. 

Financial freedom, spiritual freedom, intellectual freedom, freedom from oppression and depression, freedom from what could have been but wasn’t, and freedom from the mindset of what could never be. Not just for me. But for everyone I love. And for everyone I know. And for everyone I don’t know.

Sound like some lofty call for world peace?

Well, let’s bring it back home to you.
And to your wish.
What do you wish?

Do you wish you didn’t have to go to work in the morning?
Do you wish that your house would be magically cleaned?
Do you wish you were 15 pounds lighter?
Do you wish you could take that business risk?
Do you wish that you had more time with your family?

What do you wish?

Figure it out with this complimentary resource:  a 20-page pdf.  Your Birthday Wish Workbook.

What does it entail?

  • Take personal inventory in four key areas of your life,
  • Dream about what you wish you were doing, and
  • Then make an action plan to get there.  (Wherever your “there” is!)

So download it now.  It’s free.  I made it to share with people like you.  And I want you to have it.  Click now.