I still remember the moment that I became a mother.

I had already been pregnant for months. (In fact, the evening before, I was walking the mall – trying desperately to find panty hose that would comfortably fit my growing body!)

But it was when the doctor told us that so many things were wrong with our child – that is when I realized I was a parent. Little information in a harsh world. Yet and still: totally responsible for the child and had to decide what to do.

The doctor went through a list of things wrong with our child. And reminded us of the abortion deadline in Indiana.

And I laid on that table. And I chose to keep breathing. And I chose to remain calm. And I chose to partner with my husband to walk through this unexpected news. And I chose to Trust God.

Jocelyn is our miracle baby. Healthy, whole, and hilarious. Now four years old.

So this message is in honor of all the parents who have ever been told something is wrong with your child, who have ever decided to Trust God above man, who have ever dealt with any type of “defect” or “disorder.”

Happy Mothers Day. And to God be ALL the glory.