How it Works

If you are looking for real help to get real results, then you may be ready to work with me.

In service to my clients, I provide:

  • structured support (a road map for reaching goals)
  • accountability and encouragement (a partner in making progress)
  • recommendations and resources (a source for solutions)


I only recommend working with me when you are ready.

But how do you know you are ready?  Readiness often looks like a commitment to:  put your money where your mouth is, make time to make progress, and do the hard work.

And your realization of your readiness may be triggered by something (good or bad!) that happens to you:  passed up for a promotion at the job, upcoming formal review, getting fired, a desire to launch a new product/service in your business, need for more donations at your nonprofit, or some other good news or bad news in your life, career, or business!


My clients are individuals and organizations who are choosing to shift what they are doing.  It is no longer business as usual.  But it is time to do different to get different.

  • A business owner may want coaching to strategically align their speaking services with their business goals.
  • A nonprofit leader may want a fresh focus on their fundraising or a kick in the pants for their board members!
  • An executive may want help to secure a promotion, a raise, or a new job.
  • An emerging professional may want support in a big career move.
  • A ministry leader may want to monetize their mission and expand their influence.
  • A person may want somebody to get them out of the rut they are stuck in.


I am often asked how my consulting/coaching services work.  Here are the key steps in our process of potentially working together.  We want to make sure it is a good fit for you and for me!

  1. Participate in a 30 minute complimentary strategy session. We get to know each other, build trust, and figure out your issues and motivations.
  2. Respond to a specific form (that I email you).  You are able to provide more details.  In doing so, you gain greater clarity on what you want.
  3. Review a customized proposal together.  I develop a plan for you that details my proposed recommendations – based on the complimentary strategy session and your responses to the form.
  4. Commit to the customized proposal and get started!  Now the fun part begins.  We both work hard in a focused way to meet your goals.


Sound good to you?  Click now to email and schedule your complimentary strategy session!  That is your best next step for getting started together.