I can’t keep my mouth shut about issues that I care about.  I don’t even try anymore.

So “business Jessica” is the same as “friend Jessica” is the same as “church Jessica” is the same as “fundraiser Jessica” is the same as “mommy Jessica.”

I do what I do. 

So I share scripture.  I advocate in the community and express my views in social justice.  I don’t shy away from doing business with friends and making friends in business.  I bring up my toddler in professional conversation.

Part of why I went into business for myself was to create my ideal life, live into my calling from God, and provide for my family.  No where in that motivation do I see a need or a reason to superficially separate my personal self from my professional.

And you know what’s funny?  The more I put myself out there personally, the more people respond.  The more I encourage others to put themselves out there more personally, the better results they get too.

So that is my encouragement and my challenge to you:  put yourself out there!  In whatever way that looks for you.

People don’t need a part of you.  Just one side.  An isolated component.  A singular facet.

People need your full self.  Whole identity.  Integrated being.  Complete human.

So don’t avoid certain conversations or shy away from saying what you really think or hide a part of who you are.  Be you like only you can.  Walk into the full freedom that God has called your restored whole person into!